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Getting all wet at Department Convention. L-R: Joy Lowe (Post 170 Jr. Vice Commander/Past Post Chaplain); Kamden Kelly (SAL/Brad & Brinder Bradberry's Great-Grandson); Larry Lowe (Honor Guard OIC/Past Post Commander).

Our Legion Family, plus Boy Scout Troop 114 members, gather for a Flag Disposal Ceremony.

On Friday, 17 August, the Honor Guard of Post 170, Westcliffe, participated in the dedication of headstones for the Veterans of two unmarked graves.  Both were soldiers who fought in the Civil War for the Confederate States of America (CSA) and had moved to the Westcliffe area when the Civil War ended.  The unmarked graves were discovered through extensive research by the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Jefferson Davis Camp 175 of Colorado.  Post 170 was contacted by Scott Myers of SVC Camp 175 asking the Honor Guard to participate in these dedications.  The headstones were provided by the US Veterans Administration.  Seventeen members of the Post 170 Honor Guard performed military honors at both dedications at two different cemeteries.  Several Post members, the County VSO and the media attended as observers.  Taps were played, three rifle volleys were fired and the US flag was folded for each ceremony.  Scott Myers and three other members of the SVC folded the flag of the CSA.  There are 86 known Civil War Veterans buried in Custer County.  Of those, 74 served in the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) and 12 served in the Army of the Confederacy.  As comparison, in Custer County there are 86 known WWII Veterans buried.  The promise of gold and silver in the West lured many Civil War Veterans following the War.  Soldiers of the Confederacy contributed to the history of Colorado.  Two CSA Army veterans served as governors of Colorado, two others discovered gold along the Platte River starting the "Pikes Peak or Bust" gold rush and the city of Aurora was founded by those same two CSA soldiers.  This event was a moving, historical and a great learning experience for Post 170 members.  It was an honor to stand side-by-side with the SCV to honor and recognize Veterans of the Civil War.


Honor Riders: American Legion Post 170 is proud to announce the formation of the "Honor Riders" as a new function of the Post Honor Guard. The Honor Riders charter membership numbers thirteen local motorcylce riders. All are members of The American Legion, the Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion. Additionally, many are also members of the nationally know Patriot Guard Riders. The Honor Riders will participate in all parades in support of the Honor Guard. At the request of the family, they will escort Veteran funeral processions from church to grave site and/or provide a flag line of honor for Veteran funeral services. The Honor Riders will participate in the Annual Westcliffe Toy Run hosted by 'Wild Bill' Miller, continue to provide support for all Post functions and remain dedicated to service to our Veterans, their families and the community. The Honor Riders will wear a large back patch consistent with the Post logo and will sport new gold berets.

Requirements for membership are simple. You must be a Veteran member of Post 170, an Auxiliary member or a Son of The American Legion. You must be a licensed motorcycle rider, have full insurance coverage, including liability insurance, own a licensed motorcycle and be willing to participate in Post events. There are no additional dues for members; the only cost to members is for the purchase of the back patch. Anybody who meets these requirements is encouraged to join. Points of Contact for the Honor Riders are Ted Ballard at (719) 285-5067, email Brad Bradberry at 783-2562, email 





Dept Commander's 2017 New Year Letter to the Post

Legion Family!

Happy New Year! I trust you are not too hung over from the revelry and partying to ring in another year. Now that 2016 is "in the books," we need to look at what is coming in 2017. 


I ask that you consider making 2017 a year of committing a few hours of your time in the community and for The local American Legion. Let's work together to make this the year we: worked even harder to help a Veteran and his family; provided support to this new Administration to keep our National Defense structure strong and take care of our military men and women; visited a school or library to work with our youth and help get them ready to assume leadership roles as they grow into adulthood, and; increased our community's awareness that America is the greatest country in the world by how we live and how we personally and proudly demonstrated our Patriotism and Americanism.


Let's get the word out. We are The American Legion! We STAND for America! We STAND for God and Country!We STAND for our Flag and The National Anthem! We STAND for Americanism and Patriotism! WeSTAND for our Veterans and their Family! We STAND for a Strong National Defense! We KNEEL inPrayer to God for the Strength to STAND!


This is who we are and what we do! The best and most lasting way to do all of the above is to grow our voice throughout our community, State, and Nation. The only way to do that is through a strong and growing membership. We are doing and have done GREAT with hitting our membership goals so far. We can't stop or slow down! 


Let's all work together and "git 'er done" to advance our American Legion programs. I consider my time thus far serving you as Department Commander a highlight of my life and I look forward to doing more with your help and support this year. Together, we can BPART OTHE SOLUTION!


Let's make 2017 the best year of this Millennium! 





For God and Country,

Jay Bowen


The American Legion, Department of Colorado

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