The American Legion Department of Colorado District 8 Spring Convention Westcliffe, Colorado May 13, 2023

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Tip-A-Vet Event – Success!

On Saturday, April 15, Silver Cliff Mountain Inn & Restaurant, fondly called “Willie’s” Place, hosted the American Legion Post 170 Tip-A-Vet Program Event.  This was the same day as the 9 News Health Fair at the Custer County School, where a discount was offered for those that wanted to have a delicious breakfast or lunch.  Veterans from the Post served, bused and dish washed for customers, who were generous and enthusiastic in helping local veterans and their families in need of help.  Sue Menz also donated her marvelous baked goods to help in the efforts.  The event was a success and $1712 was netted to help local veterans with the Post 170’s Veteran’s Assistance Fund.  Thank you Willie and Cheryl for lending your restaurant along with each of their staff and Post 170 Veterans who helped with the event.  And thank you all for coming!!

By Ted Ballard, The Valley Beat and Senior Vice Commander, American Legion Post 170. (Thank you to “The Valley Beat” for the write up and photo’s

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The American Legion Post 170 Westcliffe Annual Awards for 2022-2023

Legionnaire of the Year – 202-2023

Jurgen Schwanke

Volunteer of the Year – 2022 – 2023

Joy Lowe

Membership Longevity Awards

Michael Benetti – 40 years

Chris Ueberroth – 35 Year

Awards Recipient

Back Row: Earl Fox, Michael Benetti, Carol Kennedy, Michael Robinson, Chris Ueberroth, Richard Posadas, Larry Lowe, Joe Studerbaker, Michael Tyler, Jim Qualey, Robert Dreher
Front Row: Ted Ballard, Jeff Parcells, Joy Lowe, Jurgen Schwanke, Michelle Frazier

Citation For Meritorious Service

Dave Kline – Commander, Sons of the American Legion

Michael Tyler – Vice Commander, Sons of the American Legion

Joe Studerbaker – Veterans Service Officer

Jurgen Schwanke – EC at Large / Wreaths Across American Chairman

Michael Robinson – Historian / SAL Advisor

Jim Qualey – EC at Large / Past Post Commander

Jeff Parcells – Sergeant at Arms

Larry Lowe – EC at Large /Past Post Commander

Joy Lowe – Adjutant

Carol Kennedy – Junior Vice Commander / Chaplain

Michelle Frazier – EC at Large

Earl Fox – EC at Large Tent & trailer Chairman

Robert Dreher – Finance / Public Affairs Chairman

Michael Benetti – Judge Advocate

Ted Ballard – Senior Vice Commander

Special Citation of Meritorious Service

Richard Posadas – Commander

Certificates of Appreciation in support of Post 170

Cliff Lanes Rancher’s Roost – Melinda Ruzanski, Manager and Staff

Donna Adams, Rancher’s Roost

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4 March 2023, American Legion Chili Cook Off

The American Legion Post 170, Auxiliary Unit 170 and Sons of the American Legion Squadron sponsored its first chili cook off on Saturday, March 4, Lange Hall at Hope Lutheran Church.  The entire community was invited to attend.
     The fun started at noon as the chili chefs brought their treasures for the competition.  Attendees ranged from little kids to big kids, they all became “judges” of the eleven different flavors, including pork chili, beef and pork chili, red chili, green chili with beans, some were spicy, some were mild.  After tasting each chili, the “judges” voted for their favorite and then settled down to a full bowl of their tasty choice.
     The American Legion Auxiliary Unit 170 complemented the chili with their bake sale.  Items included cookies, chocolate treats, brownies, pumpkin bread, cake pops, and cupcakes just to name a few.  Sons of the American Legion Squadron sold sodas and water to complete lunch.
     Chili chefs came from all three groups as well as our community family and friends.   One team of chefs were husband and wife competing against each other. Guess who won??!!
    Trophies were presented for 3rd, 2nd and 1st prizes, along with refund of their entry fees and they already head up on the list of cooks for the NEXT Chili Cook Off.  Trisha Schoenfelder won third prize but by no way was it a less tasty delicacy.  Marilyn Kieffer won 2nd prize with another fabulous chili and Marilyn Kieffer won 1st prize.  YES that’s right, she won 1st and 2nd a double batch of outstanding chili.   We say Marilyn is the “Queen of Chili.” Congratulations to all entries because they were all winners.  The veterans were the real winners because all proceeds go to The Legion, Auxiliary and Sons program for Veterans, Affairs and Rehab. These programs are available to any veteran, widow or family in Custer County.  VA & R are Americanism programs.
     Special thank you for everyone that had a chili entry, all the “judges” and all who worked really hard to make this event happen.  Everyone had a “rootie, tootie” good day.

Carol Kennedy, The American Legion Post 170 Westcliffe Jr. Vice Commander/Chaplain

Left to Right: Marilyn Kieffer, “Queen of Chili.” Richard Posadas Post 170 Commander, and Trisha Schoenfelder

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21 February EC meeting the SAL were awarded the following:

2022 Detachment of Colorado Membership Award

2022 Detachment of Colorado Joseph Bokan Memorial Award

2022 Detachment of Colorado Americanism, Award

2022 Detachment of Colorado William D. Abbey Memorial Award

Left to right: Mike Robinson, Michael Tyler, Post Commander Richard Posadas, SAL Commander David Kline, and Larry Lowe

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